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lunar surface with astronaut
Still from virtual reality experience “Moonwalk” at Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building FUTURES exhibition. Courtesy Meta Immersive Learning, produced by Black Dot Films VR. © 2022 BLACK DOT FILMS, LLC.

Calling all space enthusiasts, we’re going to the moon!

Strap on a headset at our FUTURES Play Lab May 4-June 5 and prepare for landing with “Moonwalk,” our new immersive journey to the lunar surface in partnership with Meta. Timed with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, this groundbreaking new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) installation will get you as close to actual space travel as possible using today’s technologies. Don’t miss the chance to experience some of the most famous and heart-stopping moments of lunar exploration: listen in on conversations between Apollo astronauts and Mission Control, kick around moondust, watch the rover explore the landscape while being awed by lunar views. 

Researchers and filmmakers used cutting-edge photogrammetry—a way of extracting 3D information from 2D images—to stitch together more than 7,000 rarely-seen archival images taken by NASA missions. This combined with inspiring, emotional, and at times hilarious archival audio recordings from Apollo lunar landings and detailed 3D scans of the Apollo 11 Command Module from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum recreates real-life experiences of Apollo astronauts.

“Moonwalk” is a preview to what learning could be like in the future metaverse, a concept for the next phase of the internet. Bridging the physical and digital worlds, the metaverse will allow people to co-exist and interact and can combine multiple 3D digital experiences to bring history, science, art and more to life. Through Meta Immersive Learning, Meta is working to increase access to learning through technology and develop the next generation of immersive experiences to help transform the way we learn and explore the world around us.

Anyone, anywhere can journey to the moon with their smartphone using new custom-built augmented reality (AR) effects on Instagram to learn more about the Arts + Industries unique history with space travel, examine the Apollo command module in detail, and even take a “lunar selfie.”

How far in the universe will we explore in the future? Join us for a FREE extra special edition of We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Panel on May 19th as we invite a group of experts to investigate the possible future of immersive technology.

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