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AIB is temporarily closed.

Past Programs & Events

FUTURES Programs

The Arts + Industries Building is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for info about its exciting next chapter!

Through imaginative and dynamic talks, performances, workshops, and virtual experiences, FUTURES programs were a central platform for speculative thinking, experimental ideas, and collective action.

Past Program

Futures Cypher was an interactive discussion and performance art exchange challenging big thinkers and creators to collaboratively reimagine our shared futures.


Past Program

Tell Me More invited you to explore the creation and function of groundbreaking inventions through live demonstrations. FUTURES pulled back the curtains to help you discover how innovative objects aid our futures.

Tell Me More

Past Program

Whether it’s the bathtub in a guest bedroom, or a secret craft lab in a basement, Meet Us in the Futures highlighted the ideas of those striving to achieve a better tomorrow from spaces that provoke their futuristic thinking.

Meet us in the FUTURES


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Panel was an audience-guided panel experience where Future Agents were invited to collectively decide the panel’s discussion content in real-time. We brought the experts, you brought the talking points.


Past Events


The Long Conversation is an epic creative marathon between artists, scientists and other big thinkers that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling better about the future. Once a year, NASA astronauts, Grammy-winning musicians, tech CEOs, poets, inventors and more converge in AIB for a lively 8-hour relay race of surprising conversations. No moderators. No slides. All chemistry.

The Long Conversation


AIB was the first headquarters for the By The People festival, an international arts and dialogue festival launched by social incubator Halcyon in 2017. This week-long arts takeover features performances by DC-based and international dancers and musicians, original installations, and important talks on issues that matter.

By The People