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Bell Nexus Air Taxi

rendering of bell nexus air taxi flying

From World’s Fairs to “The Jetsons,” the flying car has been a symbol of the future for more than one hundred years. And now you can see a version of this vision in person! FUTURES will debut the Bell Nexus Air Taxi, a cutting-edge concept vehicle changing the future of transport. 

The Bell Nexus is a five-seat, autonomous electric air taxi concept (known as an eVTOL, or electric vertical takeoff and landing), that could become a seamless part of urban living. Intended to be accessible as well as affordable for families and commuters, hailing a Nexus might become as easy as summoning a ride-share. Designed to take off and land vertically, the six tilting electric ducts provide lifting power for quick takeoffs and easy maneuvering in overcrowded cities. Vehicles like the Nexus have the potential to cut travel time for both short- and long-distance trips, while reducing traffic congestion, noise, and pollution.  

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will be in cities. This growth means alternatives are needed to today’s fossil fuel cars and roads. FUTURES invites us to imagine alternate worlds, in this case one in which our streets could become sustainable living or greenspace, radically altering not just the skies but the ground at our feet. Individual flight is one solution on the cusp of becoming real sooner than we think. 

Check out the Nexus up close in a 360-degree display within the Futures that Inspire hall, which showcases leaps of imagination. Interactive kiosks will lead a journey from early vertical flight to engineering feats that will impact the future landscape of transportation. Nearby will be another iconic futuristic flying invention, a rare 1960s-era Bell Aerospace Company Rocket Belt, widely renowned as the world’s first jet pack. 


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bell nexus air taxi displayed at convention